Buglasan Festival of Festivals of Festivals

Elsewhere on the island of Negros… In October, while I stayed in Bacolod for MassKara Festival (& recovering from a heat flash fever), I realized I overlooked another important festival happening five hours south, Buglasan Festival in Dumaguete, celebrating all the municipalities of Negros Oriental.

from Sunstar.ph: “No work, no classes in Negros Oriental on ‘Buglasan Day’”

In some old records the map of Negros was drawn by a man named Diego Lopez Povedano way back in 1572 showing an island named Buglas Insulis. In order to honor Negros Oriental and what lie is in it, the celebration of Buglasan Festival was born. The word “Buglas” in Ilonggo means “to cut off”. Controversial to its meaning Buglasan Festival unites different cities, municipalities and small towns all over Negros Oriental. from buglasanfestival.com

So sad to have missed this 😦 😦 😦 Next year na lang, adto ko!!!

Alas, this is the nature of studying Visayan festivals and fiestas, which are constantly springing up across the island archipelago, from small barangays to large municipalities. Thankfully, via Youtube, I can pretend I am watching from the judge’s seat (to whom the theater & dance spectacle is oriented):


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